Re-industrialisation and progressive urbanism

One day conference, 13th of June 2013

School of Architecture, Design and Environment, Plymouth University

Could urban re-industrialisation be seen as a method of increasing business effectiveness in the context of a politically stimulated ‘green economy’? Could it be seen as a nostalgic mutation of a creative-class concept, focused on 3D printing, ’boutique manufacturing’ and crafts? These two notions place urban re-industrialisation within the context of the current neoliberal economic regime and urban development based on property and land speculation. The key question for this conference is could urban re-industrialisation be imagined as a progressive socio-political and economical project, aiming to create an inclusive and democratic society based on cooperation and symbiosis that goes way beyond the current model of a neoliberal city?

Christina Norton of Industri[us]/Fluid will be one of the speakers at this one day conference in Plymouth University.

Further details on the symposium can be found here.



‘Meanwhile Uses’ – transforming brownfield sites with sustainable uses

 “Will temporary uses transform how we approach regeneration and development? Hear about how Meanwhile/Temporary uses for major sites in London’s Royal Docks are set to kick-start a better, sustainable, regeneration process.”

Kat Davis will be speaking at Ecobuild on Wednesday 21st March alongside other winners of last year’s Meanwhile London competition.

Panelists include:
– Clive Dutton, Chief Executive of Regeneration, London Borough of Newham
– Cany Ash, Caravanserai
– Deborah Armstrong, London Pleasure Gardens
– Peter Bishop, author of The Temporary City

The session takes place at the UBM (United Business Magazines, publisher of Property Week) Seminar Theatre located in Hall S6, Stand Number S1930. We hope to see you there!