Re-industrialisation and progressive urbanism

One day conference, 13th of June 2013

School of Architecture, Design and Environment, Plymouth University

Could urban re-industrialisation be seen as a method of increasing business effectiveness in the context of a politically stimulated ‘green economy’? Could it be seen as a nostalgic mutation of a creative-class concept, focused on 3D printing, ’boutique manufacturing’ and crafts? These two notions place urban re-industrialisation within the context of the current neoliberal economic regime and urban development based on property and land speculation. The key question for this conference is could urban re-industrialisation be imagined as a progressive socio-political and economical project, aiming to create an inclusive and democratic society based on cooperation and symbiosis that goes way beyond the current model of a neoliberal city?

Christina Norton of Industri[us]/Fluid will be one of the speakers at this one day conference in Plymouth University.

Further details on the symposium can be found here.



A little film we made

In August of last year we made a short film telling you about Industri[us] and our Festival of Upcycling in Canning Town… we thought it was about time we share it with you!

‘Closed Loops in Meanwhile Construction’ – talk feat. Festival of Upcycling

Moira Lascelles from the Architecture Foundation will present her recent research commissioned by the London Legacy Development Corporation which examines a selection of national and international creative re-use case studies, including Industri[us].

The research assembles a series of lessons learnt to inform the potential creation of a Materials Reuse Centre in East London on an interim use site. This facility would potentially aid the construction of future meanwhile projects on or around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and also offer building materials and components for sale to the wider public for reuse.

For further information on the event, including details on the other speakers, see R-urban Wick.

Reuse_Wick #8 Session

Rework / Revalue

Industri[us] is a new initiative created with community members, designers and inventors in Newham and wider afield.

We have collected intelligent and like-minded groups and individuals to build a creative business hub where people can learn how to make and do, turning ‘waste’ material into valuable products for sale.

In early 2011, Industri[us] was a winning entry in the Meanwhile London competition run by Property Week in partnership with the Mayors of London and Newham.