People Power

This project would not have been possible without many great individuals. We have been very fortunate to have the advice, guidance and skills of everyone involved and thank them all for their massive energy and enthusiasm for the project.

Adam – Upcycling

Anna – The Dorset Cider House

Ashley – Stewarding

Bob  – Construction

Caf – Industri[us]

Christina – Industri[us]

Clare – Industri[us]

Colin – Groundwork London

Danny – Groundwork London

Danny – Stewarding

Davina – Urban Feasts

Diego – Industri[us]

Ed – Groundwork London

Frank – Landscape Group

Fred – Security

George – The Pearly King of Peckham

All the Groundwork trainees

Hector – The Dorset Cider House

Henretta – Upcycling

Jacqueline – Upcycling

James – The Cockney Museum

Jason – Upcycling

Jay – Security

Jim – The Cockney Museum

John – Carpentry

Kat – Industri[us]

Kerry – Upcycling

Kirsty – Upcycling

Lee – Anchor House

Louise – Upcycling

Margherita – Industri[us]

Matt – The Dorset Cider House

Max – Upcycling

Megan – Industri[us]

Mick – Security

Nina – Upcycling

Osian – Upcycling

Patrick – Stewarding

Peter – Carpentry

Rebecca – Upcycling

Ross – Harrisons Funfair

Roy – Groundwork London

Rhys – Stewarding

Sandra –  Groundwork London

Sarah – Upcycling

Seung – Upcycling

Simon – Upcycling

Steven – Harrisons Funfair

Sven – Upcycling

Terence – Industri[us]

Terrell – Stewarding

Tomasz – Industri[us]

Warren – Security

Zhanell – Industri[us]


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