Launch cancelled but Starting Point in Sight

I think all of us on site can empathise with our Olympic hopefuls!

Our starting point is just over a week away too – Saturday July 28th!  We are thrilled with the prospect of you all enjoying what has been many months in the planning.

Balfour Beatty have been running relays from our site opposite Canning Town Station to theirs next door, delivering pavers and plainings.

The Groundwork Team‘s muscles have been getting a consistent workout laying the pavers and plants in our wonderful front gardens, helped in no small way by the wonderful guidance and direction of the Landscape Group and coach Frank!

Urban Feast traders have been scoring highly in opening trials and we are delighted to have them take poll position on site, each day.

For those with a more competitive spirit we have the Ping Pong Pavilion where you can challenge a person or 12 for the crown of Ping Pong King or Queen.

Not to be confused with the Pearly King, who is much involved with the Cockney Museum which will take up residence or at least parking space on site, in its custom designed Bendy Bus from early August.

We are also delighted to showcase great energy efficient models on site such as Lumi-solar’s, hybrid solar and wind powered street lamp and Electric Pedal’s pedal powered cinema, phone charger and music player.

We are very fortunate to have local couture house Caramel Rock putting on a fantastic fashion show in August.

These are just some of the highlights this summer at the really exciting Industri[us] site this summer.  We hope to see you there to cheer us on!


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