Industri[us] at Thrive – The Results!!

A big thanks once again to all those who visited us at the Thrive Festival on Saturday 23rd July. The day was a great success. 52 participants took part in our Industri[us] game, each creating their own tag.

We discovered what local people throw away and inventive ideas for how to transform waste into value.

So here’s what happened…

Participants were asked:

What was the last item you threw out?

Was your item broken or intact?
Would you like to fix it or re-work it?
What value would you give your item before and after it’s transformation?

Ideas included:

• re-working a broken umbrella into a kite
• fixing a wardrobe with sentimental value
• re-working a light bulb into a Christmas tree decoration
• re-using a plant pot to make a sandcastle

Check out all of the great results below…

Following the success of this event we hope to run it again and get more people re-thinking their waste.

What could you do with the last item you threw away?


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